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6th Infantry Division

6th Infantry Division was the last of the six original infantry divisions of the BEF to go to France in September 1914. It remained on the Western Front.

Great War

The Division’s battle honours include:


The Aisne & The Battle of Armentieres




Somme: Flers-Courcelette; Morval; Lesboeufs; Transloy Ridges


Hill 70, Cambrai


St Quentin; Bailleul; Kemmel Ridge, The Scherpenberg; Hindenburg Line, The Selle.

The division’s commanders included major-generals:

Sir John Lindesay Keir (Aug 1914 - May 1915)

Sir Walter Norris Congreve VC (May-Nov 1915)

Charles Ross (Nov 1915 - Aug 1917)

Thomas Owen Marden (Aug 1917 - Nov 1918)

The new history of 6th Division will be published by Helion.

Congreve and Thomas Marden (left) represent the new breed of divisional commander that came to the forefront during the conflict – true ‘technocrats of war’.