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Dr Peter E Hodgkinson Chartered Clinical Psychologist - Military Historian

The Diary of Lance-Corporal ‘Roddy’ Rodinson

Part Four - Convalescence

2 July

Arrived Bus* 12.45. Left Bus for Doullens, arrived there 3 AM, spent the day there. Had my wounds dressed & spent the Sunday night there.

*There was a casualty Clearing Station at Bus.

3 July

Left Doullens in the train for Havre at 3.15. The RAMC men in the car looked well after us (sic). Spent the night in the train. Rain during the night. Thankful I was out of the trenches.

4 July

Arrived Havre at 9.30. Had our wounds redressed there then went on board the hospital ship ‘Panama’. Left Havre at 4.30, arrived Southampton at 2.30 Wednesday morning.

5 July

Arrived Southampton 2.30 AM but had to stay on board until 4.30 PM. Boarded the train & left Southampton for Manchester at 6.15.

6 July

Arrived Manchester 1.30 AM. Took a private car & was in hospital at 2 AM. Had a bath & clean change & in bed by 4.30. Had a good sleep and then had our wounds seen by doctor.

7 July

In the Auxilliary Hospital, Nell Lane, West Didsbury, Manchester. In bed all day. Weather wet. Had a concert in the hospital during the afternoon by cinema artists.

8 July

In bed all day. My darling Mabel & Florrie came to see me on their way to Blackpool for 8 days. Nice day.

12 July

Mr Kerr.

14 July

Father & mother.

15 July

Mabel, Gert & Nell came to see me at Manchester.

24 July

Out of hospital by 2.30. Went with the two Miss McWilliams for a row on the lake in Platts Park. Had tea out & returned to hospital at 8.45.

Roddy is third from left, back row.

3 August

Edith & Cecil came to see me at Manchester.

5 August

Mabel came over for the weekend, stayed at Nan’s.

8 August

Left Manchester for Osbaldtwistle convalescence home, Paddock House. Arr(ived) there 2 o’clock, Jack, I and Sgt Moor.

26 August

Left Osbaldthistle  for my 10 days leave. Spent first day with Jessie & friend at Didsbury. Left there 6.35 train.

4 September

Returned to barracks at Pontefract. Left Sheffield 5.38, in barracks 8.20.

6 September

On Full Medocal Board. Saw the General about 4 o’clock after waiting all day but received B 17.9. Best day’s work I ever did.

8 September

Went through my 2nd & 3rd boards in afternoon.

9 September

Mabel came to see me for afternoon which passed on the day fine.

10 September

Pontefract. Canteen Corporal 12.30 to 2.30, 6 to 9.

[22 September 1916 – discharged from army].

The Diary of 'Roddy' Rodinson