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Dr Peter E Hodgkinson Chartered Clinical Psychologist - Military Historian

With a lifelong interest in the Great War, Peter toured the Western Front from the late 1960s.

He was one of the first to graduate with distinction from the MA in British First World War studies from the University of Birmingham in 2006 and obtained his PhD there under the supervision of Professors John Bourne and Peter Simkins in 2013.

The First World War

With his professional background, one of Peter’s main interests is in both the individuals who fought and the ways in which they coped.

His major study of infantry battalion commanders is now available in print.

Battle of the Selle British Infantry Battalion Commanders Resilience and Coping

His study on coping mechanisms: ‘Glum Heroes – Hardship, Fear and Death: Resilience and Coping in the British Army on the Western Front’ was published in September 2016.





He offers a range of presentations to interested groups.

Peter’s book on operations and performance of the British Fourth Army at the Battle of the Selle in October 1918 was published in December 1917.

He is also the author of a biography of gunner-inventor Major Conrad Dinwiddy, based on his papers and letters from the front.


The Letters of Private Frederick Whitham

The Diary of Lance-Corporal ‘Roddy’ Rodinson


Peter is currently writing a new history of the 6th Infantry Division on the Western Front 1914-1918.

6th Division Major Conrad Dinwiddy West Norwood Cemetery

Peter is currently working on a ‘First World War Connections’ booklet for Friends of West Norwood Cemetery.