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Dr Peter E Hodgkinson Chartered Clinical Psychologist - Military Historian

Great War article downloads

The post-war exhumations

In the post-war years, human remains of soldiers were exhumed and reburied. Peter has charted this process and his article ‘Clearing the Dead’, originally published in the Journal of the Centre for First World War Studies (Issue 6, 2007) can be accessed here.

Letter writing and coping

Senior Officer School

His article written jointly with Australian historian Dr William Westerman, on the training of COs, ‘”Fit to Command a Battalion”, The Senior Officers’ School 1916-18’ appears in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research 93 (2015), pp.120-138. This can be downloaded here.

Veteran unemployment

Great War

His article on the use of letter writing in the process of coping: ‘Identity and Separation - The Letters of Private Whitham’ was published in Stand To! the journal of the Western Front Association in January 2015. This can be downloaded here.

In the quiet graveyard of St John the Baptist, Tidebrook, East Sussex, is a unique memorial bearing 17 small brass plaques. It is not a war memorial. Rather, it bears the legend: ‘The Embankment Fellowship Centre in memory of those who served in the Great War 1914-1918 who lived and died at Downgate and are buried here’. Each plaque bears a name, a regiment, a date of death, and age.

The men were in the care of the veterans’ charity The Embankment Fellowship Centre, now Veterans Aid. This article, published in Stand To! looks at the inter-war work of the charity, the prevalence of veterans in the unemployment statistics, and from analysis of the 21 men, the reasons as to why they may have become homeless and destitute. It can be downloaded here.